Getting Started

If you are interested in learning more about îles before trying it, read the Introduction.

If you are looking for configuration options, visit the configuration reference.

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Installation 💿

Run the following command to create a new îles project.

pnpm create iles@next # or npm or yarn

The starter comes with Vue components and examples. Once you have installed all dependencies, give it a try by running npm run dev to start the development server.

Alternatively, add iles to your package.json in an existing project.

Usage 🚀

The iles executable provides the following commands:

  • iles serve: Starts the development server
  • iles build: Creates a production build of the site
  • iles preview: Preview the site after building

The following shortcuts are added by default when using the starter:

  "scripts": {
    "dev": "iles dev --open",
    "build": "iles build",
    "preview": "iles preview --open"
  • npm run dev: Starts the development server
  • npm run build: Creates a production build of the site
  • npm run preview: Preview the site after building

Contact ✉️

Please visit GitHub Issues to report bugs you find, and GitHub Discussions to make feature requests, or to get help.

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News 🗞

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